Workplace Culture: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Questions by Frances Maxwell in September 2018

  • Why does workplace culture matter?
  • What are some of the features of the worst places you’ve ever worked?
  • What are some of the features of the best places you’ve ever worked?
  • How can you tell what a company’s culture is like before you start?
  • Can the same workplace be perceived by different people differently?
  • How do you manage personality conflicts at work? / How do you deal with difficult people?
  • Can you really be yourself at work?
  • Assuming nobody sets out to create a bad culture, why does it happen?
  • If your organisation’s culture sucks, how can you improve it?
  • How do you manage culture when you have a global team?
  • What organisations have you come across that have an interesting workplace culture?

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