The History

Joe Wright and Gary Fleming came up with a variant of LeanCoffee that allowed for a focused, yet structured, meeting which was called “Guided Conversations”.

The original drive came from the agile prinicple of "More value for less effort". If you can get a group of practictioners together, how can you elict their collective wisdom on a topic without using a presentation format? Cracking this problem would allow for quick to prepare meetups with a high reward for the attendees.

The very first Guided Conversation was in June 2014 in Glasgow for CodeCraft. It focusing on breaking down a new software architectural style called Microservices into a series of questions that gave everyone in the group a chance to share their story.

The success of this format led to a conference being created with GuidedConversations as the dominant form of session in 2015.

The conference and meetup popularised the format which has led to people using GuidedConversations in their own companies and meetups.

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