What Does Testing Mean In 2016?

Questions by Joe Wright in February 2016

Over the last few years there’s been a great deal of conversation about the role and scope of testing as practiced by software developers and software testers. Some believe that TDD is Dead, others disagree.

Given modern tools and languages, at what level(s) should we test? How much should we do at each level? Do we need to test microservices at all?


  • Why do we test?
  • Who should test?
  • When should we test?
  • Why not just test in production?
  • What shouldn’t we test?
  • How does the culture around our company or language affect how we test?
  • How can using metrics change what we test?
  • What makes a good test suite?

Automated Testing

  • What is a unit?
  • TDD, Test First or Test After differences?
  • In what scenarios are mocks useful?
  • How do you we choose the levels at which to test?


  • Where do you start with a legacy codebase with no tests?
  • Do we need browser based testing now we can test drive our Javascript code?
  • Do we need to test drive microservices or shell scripts at all?

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