Testing in Production

Questions by Thorsten Brunzendorf in September 2018

Conversation facilitated as a session at SoCraTes Day Franconia 2018 in Nuremberg.

Inspired by "Testing in Production, the safe way" by Cindy Sridharan.

  • Which of you does write log files in your current project?
  • What do you think of when you hear "Testing" and "Production"?
  • What negative reactions can be provoked when speaking of "Testing in Production"?
  • Which insights into our software systems can be provided only in production?
  • If you make a distinction between "Deploy", "Release" and "Post-Release" - which testing ideas fit into these phases?
  • What specific problems may occur when you apply testing in production?
  • Under what circumstances would you refrain from certain practices?
  • What do you have to change in your system design for a better support of testing in production?
  • Which valuable information about legacy systems can be acquired through testing in production?
  • What has to change when several teams are involved?
  • What new idea from testing in production can you imagine to give a try in your current project?

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