Questions by Caroline Kirkhope in August 2016

There have been a few attempts to turn simplicity from a subjective topic into an objective measure. The most famous is the Kent Beck’s four simple rules which Zachary Spencer reworked into an acronym, TUBE.

We don’t want simplicity to be another scary topic about which only a few people can speak. Simplicity rules should be accessible for all developers.

  • What does Simplicity mean to you?
  • What are the benefits of simple software?
  • What causes software to stop being simple, examples?
  • How do you ensure simplicity in your projects?
  • How doing we make simple high level architecture?
  • How do we encourage simplicity at the low level?
  • How would you tackle simplifying an existing project e.g a monolith?
  • What are the signs that your project is becoming over complicated/over engineered?
  • Is simplicity in software development underrated?
  • Can you ever over simplify
  • When should things not be simple?

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