Retrospectives: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Questions by Christine Orr in September 2019

  • Who should facilitate a retro?
  • Who should be invited?
  • What is the aim or purpose of a retro?
  • Why do you think teams have retros?
  • What makes a good retro?
  • If a retro creates no actions is it a failure?
  • What makes you want to take part in a retro?
  • Do you think retros help or hinders team morale? Why?
  • Does your team usually follow through with actions identified in a retro?
  • Had anyone done a retro with an offshore team? If so how did this differ from being in the same room?
  • What format should a retro take?
  • How do you convince the business of the value of a retro (assuming you think it has a value)?
  • Should we discuss topics over which we have no control in a retro?
  • If you run the same retro format twice, should you expect it to work again?

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