Legacy Code

Questions by Keith Harrison in October 2015

Legacy code is something that most developers will have to deal with at some point in their careers. But just what is legacy code? Why is it a problem? What can we do to fix that?

  • What is legacy code?
  • What problems does legacy code cause?
  • When do you Refactor and when do you rewrite?
  • How do you deal with dependencies - Libraries, Frameworks, Tooling, Browsers and OS's?
  • How do you start when you need to change a legacy code base?
  • What are the first test you add to a legacy code base?
  • What language features can help?
  • What refactoring techniques can help?
  • How do you decide which code to refactor?
  • How do you balance time spent adding new features with refactoring legacy code?
  • How do you convince management to invest time dealing with legacy code?
  • How do you prevent code becoming legacy?
  • How can you help junior developers learn about dealing with legacy code?

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