Integrating Service Design and Development Teams

Questions by Leah Lockhart in September 2018

  • What is Service Design? What isn’t Service Design?
  • What kinds of information or insights do Service Designers provide?
  • What is the value of Service Design in software development?
  • What sorts of things happen in Service Design?
  • What impact can Service Design have on the software you develop?
  • Do we need Service Design to build good products?
  • In an Agile team, where does a Service Designer fit?
  • Are there tensions between developer needs and service user need? What are they?
  • How much should a developer know about Service Design?
  • How much should a service designer know about software?
  • What are the best ways to communicate with a Service Designer?
  • Are there barriers that prevent service designers and developers working together well? If so, what are they? How might they be overcome?
  • At what point is Service Design input most useful in development?
  • What are the common interests / concerns of service designers and software developers?

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