How Does Your Team Reach a Shared Standard for Quality?

Questions by Thorsten Brunzendorf in August 2018

Conversation facilitated as a session at SoCraTes Germany 2018 in Soltau with sketchnotes by Ekaterina Budnikov.

Triggered by a conversation with Johannes Brodwall about Clean Code, Clean Enough Code and Compassionate Code.

  • What problems do you encounter where a shared standard may help?
  • What can go wrong when trying to find such a shared standard?
  • What does work well for your team towards a shared understanding of quality?
  • What quality aspects do you discuss with your team? (Internal vs external quality)
  • Under what conditions are code reviews helpful here?
  • How do static analyzers can support quality standards?
  • Automatic tests and code coverage: what role do they play here?
  • When do you need a standard shared between more than one team?
  • What has to change when several teams are involved?
  • Which other factors have got an impact on quality standard discussions?
  • What should be documented? And how?
  • How and when should the standard be adapted and changed?

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