Software and Green Tech

Questions by Ewa in October 2023

  1. Why should we care about the environmental impact of the systems we produce?
  2. Would “being green” stifle creativity and innovation?
  3. Should we, as technologists, stop technologies such as blockchain/crypto (with its high energy usage) until we have a better grasp of reducing climate change?
  4. How does the always-on society affect our resource consumption when it comes to tech?
  5. Do we really need 99.999%? Would being down for more than 6 minutes a year be that bad?
  6. How can we support devices for longer to reduce hardware waste?
  7. How can you measure the eco-impact of the things you write?
  8. What good software practices do you think lean into green software?
  9. Should we be holding tech companies responsible in the same ways we hold oil or other energy companies?

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