Ethics and AI

Questions by Finlay Macrae, Keith Harrison and Ewa in April 2018

  • What do you think AI is?
  • What are the biggest challenges in AI ethics?
  • Why is diversity in AI important?
  • How do we avoid bias and prejudice in AI if data supports it?
  • Self driving vehicles may have to choose who to run over during an unavoidable accident. What rules should we give them for this?
  • What should you do if employer asks for you to do something unethical with AI?
  • How will AI change the way we work?
  • What challenge will AI face from Humans?
  • How do we deal with AI that becomes self aware? Do they need rights?
  • Who or what is responsible if adaptive AI chatbots commit online crime, hate speech, threatening and abusive behavior?
  • What rules of conduct for the actual AI are required?
  • If we must punish AI what measures are appropriate?
  • AI in warfare - Do we need to keep human oversight and as warfare speeds up exponentially is it morally acceptable to allow AI to make the kill / no kill decision?
  • What can we learn from AI?
  • How will AI limit us?

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