Documenting Software

Questions by Thorsten Brunzendorf in September 2019

  • What value have you found recently in software documentation? Can you give examples?
  • Some people state that code should be self documenting. Which subjects can you think of that might need more documentation than code alone and why?
  • How do you document software architecture? And which aspects of it?
  • Under which conditions do you consider tests as documentation?
  • When and how do you produce API documentation?
  • Where do you store documentation?
  • How do you make it easy to find and access documentation?
  • What is the role of vcs commit messages for documentation purposes?
  • In which way do you consider code comments as documentation?
  • How do you keep your documentation up to date?
  • When is it worth to guarantee or check automatically that software and its documentation are in sync - sometimes referred to as “Living Documentation”?
  • Who is supposed to take ownership of software documentation?
  • Which types of documentation should be considered an output artifact in its own right?
  • What should NOT be documented?

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