Do We Need Standards and Charters?

Questions by Kyle Bremner in September 2018

  • What do you think a standard is?
  • When could a standard be useful?
  • What forms could a standard take?
  • What do you think the biggest challenges are when creating a standard?
  • How can standards help us be better at job?
  • How can standards make it more difficult for us to do our job?
  • How can we ensure that a standard achieves the goals it set out to achieve?
  • How can people be encourage to adopt a set of standards?
  • Who should be responsible for creating a standard?
  • What responsibilities do those creating a standard have?
  • How do we make sure that they take on these responsibilities?
  • Do we need a set of standards for software development as an industry?
  • Who would be responsible for these standards?

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