Developer Responsibility

Questions by Gary Fleming in July 2018

  • What are a developers responsibilities to their code?
  • Who is responsible for thorough testing of the code - testers or devs?
  • Whose fault is it if we build something which has no real value?
  • How long should your code be maintainable for?
  • Are operational concerns a developers responsiblity?
  • Whose responsibility is accessible?
  • In an agile system, how much of the board is a developer responsible for?
  • To what extent are developers responsible for their own betterment, through training, learning etc
  • Do developers always have responsibilities to the less experienced members of their team?
  • If we know something cannot be done but management insists, what should we do?
  • If asked to do something unethical by their boss, what is a developer’s responsibility?
  • Will _you_ call out GDPR violations?
  • You work, or have worked, for an organisation that is evil. How do you feel about that?
  • Should developers enforce a code of conduct across the industry?
  • As an industry which has a great deal of gender imbalance, is it for us as a developers to redress that balance?

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