Developer Interviews

Questions by Ewa Grabowiecka in September 2018

  • What makes for a good recruitment process?
  • What things should we consider when putting together a job advert?
  • What makes a good interview? (from either the candidate or interviewers perspective)
  • What questions or types of questions should / shouldn't we be asking during interviews?
  • What makes a bad interview? (from either the candidate or interviewers perspective)
  • How do we interview juniors vs seniors?
  • What techniques are appropriate to evaluate someones' ability to code? How do we tell this to employers?
  • Other than coding - what other characteristics do you think are important when hiring developers?
  • If you're interviewing someone, how do you prepare the people involved?
  • How do we avoid discrimination during the recruitment process?
  • How can employers be engaging in more positive action to broaden the diversity in technical roles?
  • What is the worst interview experience you have had?

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