Collaborative Coding

Questions by Cat Hawker in September 2018

  • What different ways are there of writing code collaboratively?
  • What are the benefits of writing code collaboratively?
  • Are there also benefits to writing code alone?
  • How does real-time collaboration compare to code review?
  • How does the number of collaborators affect the way we write code?
  • How do you decide when a task should be worked on in a pair or a group?
  • Are some tasks more suited to collaboration than others?
  • What can go wrong when collaborating on code?
  • What can we do when some people in a team want to collaborate and others don’t?
  • How can we make sure everyone can give their best when writing code in a pair or group?
  • What can get in the way of effective collaboration?
  • What tools and techniques can we use to write code together more effectively?

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