Questions by Caroline Kirkhope in July 2017

  • Why do we collaborate? What's the purpose?
  • What forms can collaboration take?
  • What impact can poor collaboration have on the software we are building?
  • Do we need collaboration to build great products?
  • How can we improve collaboration within our team?
  • How do pairing and mob programming help our teams collaborate?
  • How can we create environments that foster collaboration?
  • Why do we sometimes struggle to collaborate?
  • How can we ensure collaboration is inclusive to everyone on our team?
  • What are the challenges faced when collaborating remotely? How can we overcome them?
  • Perfect requirements don't exist. How can we make it easier for others to give us better requirements?
  • Are teamwork and team success more important than individual success when developing software?
  • Can the methods we use for team collaboration work across teams?
  • What about at the organisational level?
  • Can you think of any collaboration anti-patterns? How do we avoid these?

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