Architecting Teams

Questions by Craig Nicol in September 2017

  • How do you keep track of your team's goals? And the company goals?
  • How does your team manage risk to and changes to those goals?
  • How would you describe the best team you've worked on?
  • What made that team different?
  • What do you change about your current team?
  • What makes you feel unsafe in a team?
  • How well would your current team survive a conflict?
  • Should teams change when projects change?
  • How does the culture of a team change as it grows?
  • What kinds of diversity should we seek in the teams we work in?
  • Should we recruit to enforce the current culture or diversify it?
  • What one thing can a leader do to make a team great?
  • Are effective teams a democracy or a dictatorship?

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